Oliver I was very happy to have found Glyn. He guided me through an LDC semi-intensive driving course over two weeks and I passed first time! Right from the beginning he was calm, helpful and friendly. We worked through a number of four hour driving sessions, which Glyn broke into concise, informative lessons, guided by the helpful LDC workbook. I always felt as though I was learning a lot and he was always checking that I was comfortable with the pace of the lesson. We would cover a number of driving topics in each session, guided by Glyn but with my full input. Often I would ask to consolidate a certain manoeuvre or road skill and he would happily adjust the lesson plan to help with my weaker areas of driving. Glyn has a fantastic knowledge of Worcester, Droitwich and the surrounding area which really helped to give me a diverse experience of the road; we were always tackling new road types and junctions. Glyn did not train me on specific test routes but gave me a wide understanding of driving, so when on test I felt confident to safely deal with any road situation that presented itself. I would highly recommend Glyn to anyone looking for an instructor in the area.

Glyn Williams Dip.di Driving School

Hi I'm Glyn Williams Dip.di

I'm a driving instructor in Worcester, Droitwich, Ombersley, Wychbold and surrounding areas.

https://www.passwithglyn.co.ukCall 01905 757600 or 07979 960357