Andre Glyn is a well mannered, highly intelligent, very patient gent who is 100% focused on his job and getting his students safely on the road; he talks driving and you do driving! Even though I had driven before many years ago I found following the LDC driving skills course very thorough and clear to understand and with Glyn's help and guidance you can't go wrong. You don't stick to a set course of action either. Of course you'll cover all you need to learn but if you're feeling uncomfortable or weak in certain areas you can focus on those points more rather than keep repeating things you are comfortable with. He lets you choose what you want to do in your lessons until you're comfortable and happy with your own progress so you don't feel so stressed. Thanks for helping get me safely on the road Glyn; I would highly recommend you as a master of instructors!

Glyn Williams Dip.di Driving School

Hi I'm Glyn Williams Dip.di

I'm a driving instructor in Worcester, Droitwich, Ombersley, Wychbold and surrounding areas. 01905 757600 or 07979 960357