Sergey Dear George, Well we just got back from holiday it would not have been possible without having passed the test first time just one day before going on holiday! We were able to rent a car and enjoy our first ever romantic driving together with Alsu! The car was convertible cabriolet, which will definitely be remembered forever.

The roads there are quite different from ours not just because of the other way of traffic flow, but also because half of them are a lacets high in the mountains which was a completely new to me especially in the night.

"Are we a meter from the kerb?" - I asked myself frequently, playing your role It wasn't the kerb though, it was a large precipice. One mistake and that is it, but you have to be on your side of the road or come face to face with the oncoming traffic.

The Hazard Drill never let us down though

Speed limits are completely ignored there by the locals, but they made a lot of sense to me, especially in the night. Saying all that it was a really enjoying driving experience and another portion of confidence gained. Just stick to the same structure of driving and you will feel safe even if you first solo driving happens high in the mountains.

My friends are all pleasantly surprised about such a quick way of learning to drive and passing the test and I think those of them who don't have licences yet will first consider the LDC System.

All in all George, thank you very much for your efforts in helping me learn to drive in such a systematic and seemingly simple approach.

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