Katie After feeling a real lack of progression with my previous instructor I decided to stop my lessons altogether as back then I found driving a very unenjoyable experience. It was only until my brother had began praising his lessons with Marie that I decided to contact her. I explained how I had not drove for at least a year and naturally was very shaky, however Marie instantly put me at ease with her friendly nature and patience. I instantly noticed the difference in quality from learning with my then level 4 instructor to marie's level 6 status. The teaching standard was nothing I had experienced previously. It was more precise, understandable and especially thorough. What I like about Marie is not only does she want you to pass but to make you aware and safe of day to day situations at all times for when you have passed. Which definitely came in handy for me as no one in my family drives so I felt even more hesitant on the road. Marie also gave me the official LDC Workbook and I borrowed my brothers DVD which I found extremely helpful and clear. I had a total of 36hrs of teaching and managed to pass first time with only 3 minor faults! Just want to say a huge thank you to Marie for giving me the confidence and ability to make it all happen!

Marie Haddon Driving School

Hi I'm Marie Haddon

I'm a driving instructor in Wolverhampton, Wednesfield, Willenhall and surrounding areas..

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