Cheryl Gill
Cheryl Gill Trevor was the best driving instructor I had (and I would know because I tried out AA, BSM and two other independent driving instructors firstL!). He found the perfect balance between teaching and making lessons enjoyable, which I feel is a skill many other instructors lacked! Trevor showed me that he genuinely cared for my driving and supplied me with numerous resources such as the LDC driving skills workbook & DVD and used vision aids to assist in my learning. He was patient with me but pushed me to higher levels, which ultimately gave me the confidence in the capability of my driving. I am genuinely thankful to Trevor for helping me pass my driving test and continue to recommend him to everyone I know.

Trevor Maddison Driving School

Hi I'm Trevor Maddison

I'm a driving instructor in Ashford, Bedfont, Chertsey, Feltham, Halliford, Hampton, Hanworth, Isleworth, Laleham, Littleton, Richmond, Shepperton, Staines, Stanwell, Sunbury, Twickenham and all surrounding areas.. 07771 810961