Heidi Soljava-Duprat
Heidi Soljava-Duprat I'd had such a bad experience with another driving instructor that I was a bit wary when I first contacted Trevor, despite all the positive reviews he'd received. I couldn't have made a better choice! He was able to put me at ease right from the start (and I was a nervous wreck) with his calm and patient demeanour and he really helped me rebuild my confidence behind the wheel. He allowed me to progress at my own pace whilst still gently challenging me to go just beyond my comfort zone at each lesson, which for me as a more mature learner was really important. I knew that I wasn't going to be learning this skill at the pace of an 18-year-old and felt that Trevor got that too.

However, before I know it, I was ready to take my test and to my amazement I passed first time! Thank you so much Trevor, I genuinely couldn't have done it without you. You taught me to trust my instinct and not to over think it! I would also heartily recommend the LD System for anyone who struggles to take in all the information during lessons. I found that my brain was so frazzled with anxiety during the early lessons that it was actually much better to have the LDC workbook to read beforehand to prepare, rather than trying to take it all in when adrenaline was running high. I was also able to come to the lessons with my questions and queries ready, which Trevor would then be able to answer. It was also helpful to be able to refer back to the workbook until I'd grasped all the different concepts and manoeuvres. Again, thank you Trevor – you're a star!

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