Rachitha M Archarige
Rachitha M Archarige I first got to know Trevor through my husband who was also a learner driver with LDC and Trevor. Because of the great feedback I heard, I decided to book a few lessons with Trevor and decide for myself.

At the beginning I was very doubtful and quite anxious about driving past high vehicles following a bad previous experience which had lowered my confidence. Trevor was understanding and approachable which helped me to gradually rebuild my confidence behind the wheel. The feedback I received during and after each lesson was a great help to concentrate on the needful points. Trevor not only teaches you the importance of maintaining your attention on the road, but also his affable approach teaches you to relax and enjoy driving.

I found the material I received FREE of charge at the beginning of my lessons very helpful. Further, the video uploads on Youtube by LDC helped me to get an understanding of what to expect on the test date. Although, I didn't use the LDC DVDs I think I would have benefited from videos on manoeuvres.

I recommend Trevor Maddison to any learner driver, as he teaches his students to become a safe and progressive driver for life not just for the test. I am not an expert in driving yet, but I hope I will be with experience thanks to the excellent guidance and tips I received and learned from Trevor.

Thank again Trevor, keep up the good work.

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