Rachel ORiordan
Rachel ORiordan As a brand new learner driver with absolutely ZERO experience, Trevor and the LDC workbook helped me learn to drive and pass my test first time in four weeks. The learning material was so helpful and having put aside the time to learn intensively I was able to focus and go through it thoroughly. I can't imagine learning any other way. Trevor was, genuinely, a great instructor and I will be referring him and LDC to anyone I know that wants to learn. It must be said that I wasn't the most confident of learners, but the way the intense driving course is designed helped me see my progress each step of the way, with regular feedback from Trevor at the beginning and end of each lesson. Before I knew it, I was driving the car with gusto and not thinking about gear changes or clutch control anymore but able to concentrate on more important things on the road. Also, I needn't have worried about forgetting what I'd learnt between each lesson... the pace of the intensive course was perfect for keeping everything ticking along nicely. Trevor was happy to answer my gazillion questions at anytime, and never made me feel stupid even though I might have been feeling it. He tailored every lesson to my learning needs as the days progressed and I felt well prepared for my exam.

Thank you Trevor and LDC! - Now I can drive myself to work and it has made a very positive difference to my life!

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