Ellie I actually really enjoyed learning how to drive, but I had to focus hard on the things that I found more challenging, such as roundabouts! At first I tried to put off practising them, but actually the best thing to do was practice over and over again! Goodness knows how many roundabouts I've been on! The practice made such a difference because when it got to my test I was so used to lessons that it wasn't as scary as I thought (I was still scared though). I also learnt observation is key and they don't just make you do it for the sake of it! If you practice checking in your mirrors and blind spot, then you soon do it naturally, as part of the manoeuvre!  LDC was a great and organised company to learn with and I would recommend Chris to anyone wanting to learn how to drive!

Chris Parsons Driving School

Hi I'm Chris Parsons

I'm a driving instructor in Didcot and surrounding villages..

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