Bettina Neill is a great teacher. He is friendly, patient, calm and very knowledgeable. Not just a driving instructor but also an instructor of instructors, I highly recommend him, especially if you are a nervous leaner. He is able to go through things you don't understand over and over until you finally get it without losing patience. He is also happy to answer any questions you might have regarding driving, no matter how trivial. Not only did he teach me to drive but he also taught me to be a safe driver. The LDC DVD and handbook were useful tools that came with the course. They helped me keep track on my progress and allowed me to prepare what I needed to learn next and enabled me to reflect on what I needed to improve. All in all, I am very, very happy with Neill as my driving instructor. Thank you Neill for helping me pass first time.

Neill Wilson Driving School

Hi I'm Neill Wilson

I'm a driving instructor in Blandford Forum, Bournemouth, Dorchester, Poole, Wareham and surrounding areas.. 07903 423798