Jonus 14 Hours – Driving Practice with Neill and I passed my Practical Test on the first attempt.

Firstly I would like to thank Neill for helping me achieve my Driver’s license. I have been driving in various countries such as India and Kuwait before I came here to the UK. As anyone would think once you know how to move a car you can drive, but this is not the case. Rules and traffic regulations as well as driving are approached in different styles. Neil has helped me improve as a driver by observing me and simply showing me where I needed to improve. His calm approach and explanations of his daily experiences in traffic gives you a firsthand experience of what to expect when or before the wheels start rolling. His stern voice to correct you not a shout but one that makes you remember for a weeks and months to come is what not to do whilst in the car. Since I have been working long hours and I was only be able go for classes on the weekend the Handbook (Driving skills Workbook) has enhanced by knowledge of the rules and regulations and positioning the vehicle on the road thus saving lots of time on explanations during classes.

Once again I would like to thank Neill for all his efforts and hard work.

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