Emily During a year and a half, I was constantly moving between two counties and had a total of three driving instructors to help me try and complete my driving test. Having prolonged periods of time where I wasn't learning had really knocked my confidence for my hope of ever receiving a driving licence. This week, I finally proved my doubts wrong as I have passed my practical driving test and it's all thanks to Neill. I do not think I would have been able to pass without his guidance as his calm, clear and reassuring nature helped me to believe in my own abilities.

The LDC workbook that Neill provided me with was a great way to help me keep track of what needed to be improved during my lessons and gave advice on what to expect for the test. I can't thank Neill enough for helping me achieve my goals and always encouraging me whenever I was apprehensive with my driving skills. Neill is such a great instructor, I would highly recommend him to anybody who is thinking about learning to drive.

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