Florienor I used to be a nervous driver, having had 20 lessons with someone else before I decided to look for an intensive driving course to help boost my confidence. I had pre-booked my driving test and, 2 weeks before the date, I didn't feel ready at all. While looking for a new driving instructor, I found Neill's website and read the testimonials written by his former students. I realise now that these testimonials are true representations of how effective Neill's methods are in helping learners pass.

Neill has improved my driving with his calm demeanour, made me confident on the road and sorted out my nerves. He also gave me the LDC workbook which created a structure for my learning. The workbook has knowledge and skill targets to achieve throughout your lessons which enabled me to monitor my own progress. There was one bad day during my course where I thought I would not pass the test, but Neill helped me to reflect on the positive bits and made me focus on getting my manoeuvres and driving correct up until the day of my driving test. Overall, the LD System (both the workbook and videos), strengthened by Neill's guidance and methods of teaching, creates better drivers and I am fortunate enough to be one now. I would highly recommend Neill to learners looking for a driving instructor for the first time, or even if you have had lessons before. Learn with Neill and I am sure you will become an overall well-rounded driver. Thank you, Neill!

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Hi I'm Neill Wilson

I'm a driving instructor in Blandford Forum, Bournemouth, Dorchester, Poole, Wareham and surrounding areas..

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