Fernanda I cannot recommend Neill and the LD System highly enough. I just passed my test first time and really feel confident about being a safe London driver.

The LD System works by concentrating on the basics that make you a safe, steady driver. I've tried a few driving instructors over the years (some part of well known chains and others independent) and I never got the same confidence in my own driving from them. I got great feedback from them in lessons but then would feel nervous practising without them - the LDC way that Neill uses helped me feel confident that I was driving well when practising without him.

The LD System that Neill uses is to tie in the more complicated manoeuvres and dealing with busy traffic situations with the basic safety drills and car awareness that you use in everything. This makes you feel that you can iron out any things you're not sure about and then cope with anything you come across in more unpredictable traffic.

The LDC workbook is also really useful. I used this to help me understand what the car was doing and when I should be doing basic drills. It's different to other driving schools because it just explains it to you with the help of pictures and then a quiz at the end of each chapter - this is a lot easier than trying to just remember the driving instructor's explanation while you're driving!

Neill was a reliable, clear-speaking, super aware and supportive driving instructor. Yes, like the other reviews say - he loves a laugh *but* these were the qualities I appreciated most after trying other driving schools. I'm so proud to have passed, and I know I wouldn't have the confidence to really drive by myself if it hadn't been for Neill and the LDC way of teaching.

Recommend really highly to anyone who's new to driving (you would be so lucky to start here!) or who's been around the block a bit and just wants to drive! Price-wise it's great value because the results are fantastic, other driving schools don't help you progress in the same way.

I'll be doing the Pass Plus to bring down my car insurance now, and I'll be doing that with Neill too.”

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