Caspar Many thanks to Neill for teaching me in a very short time period of 20 lessons to a level where I passed first time with 2 minors. He was very understanding of the limited time I had due to university and knew exactly the approach needed. He provided a very useful LDC handbook so I could read up on the next lessons content to minimise valuable lesson time spent talking in the car about something I could read myself. At the start of each lesson he cleared up any issues I had with what I had read in the book then we could spend the whole lesson driving and working on the things that needed improving. Neill explains things in a very clear manner so you understand exactly the reasoning behind things to do/not to do. When it came to the test he made sure to cover every possibility so nothing unexpected comes up, his mock tests are particularly useful so you feel calm and prepared come test day. Thank you very much, I couldn't have asked for any more in terms of you being a great teacher!

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