Gareth Edwards
Gareth Edwards I just passed my driving test and I cannot recommend Kev enough! He is a superb driving instructor who is always calm, even if you’re not! I was very easily panicked when I first started learning to drive, but Kev had a calming influence and now I am confident with my driving. The LDC system of learning is very good, as your lessons take a step by step approach, so you’re not thrown in at the deep end straight away. Various books and dvds were also available to aid my driving theory and understanding.

Kev is a brilliant instructor who you can expect to enjoy your lessons with! Thanks again Kev!

Kev Thomson Driving School

Hi I'm Kev Thomson

I'm a driving instructor in Swindon, Wroughton, Wootton Bassett, Lyneham, Purton and surrounding areas. 07985 607641