Tabatha Wright
Tabatha Wright I did an LDC semi-intensive 30 hour course with Paul. I was nervous going into it because I had no previous driving experience but Paul's method was great. He chucks you in the deep end and after the first lesson I was already able to drive home. He takes the practical approach with is great if you get bored listening to someone lecturing you constantly! He has a way to make you feel confident in your driving because he does believe in you. The LCD book and DVD are a great way to recap on the things taught in his lessons and the DVD is great if you don't want to read. Pauls fun, friendly and gets the job done, I'd recommend him to anyone!

Paul Hulbert Driving School

Hi I'm Paul Hulbert

I'm a driving instructor in Reading, Woodley, Earley, Lower Earley, Cavarsham, Twyford, Charvil, Henley, Wargrave, Binfield, Wokingham, Barkham, Shiplake and surrounding areas. 07840 747123