Lauren Field
Lauren Field Siobhan is a friendly, organised and professional individual that always turned up to lessons a few minutes before it started to allow us time to talk through the last lessons and what I could do to improve. She constantly reassures you and builds a confident mindset so that in situations which make you feel scared or nervous she would always talk through it slowly and help you if necessary. This skill helped me in my driving test because it gave me a confident and successful mindset to get me through the test without many nerves.

On my first lesson, Siobhan gave me the LDC workbook which I could bring to lessons to tick off the tasks I'd completed and make a note of the ones I didn't feel comfortable with. She also recommended watching the LDC videos on YouTube which helped a tremendous amount, especially leading up to my test. Siobhan's LDC driving school was the first school I went to as Siobhan is a close friend of my mum, and we know from her reviews that Siobhan is one of the best driving instructors in the South in our eyes! All of this was proved to us on my test as I passed first time! Overall I enjoyed learning to drive with Siobhan and every lesson was fun and interesting.

It has been an honour to get to know Siobhan and we would recommend her 1000% to any new driver who wants to become a strong, confident and safe driver. Thank you Siobhan, for teaching me to drive as a safe and confident individual.

Siobhan Towell Driving School

Hi I'm Siobhan Towell

I'm a driving instructor in Waterlooville, Havant, Horndean, Portsmouth and surrounding areas. 07765 013065