Amy Hardy
Amy Hardy Siobhan is a great instructor. During my lessons she helped me to gain confidence in my own driving, making sure that it was always a calm environment and making learning to drive enjoyable. Siobhan always organised the lessons to make sure that I was comfortable with each aspect of the drive and tailoring it to my ability, whilst also helping me to move past my comfort zone and challenge myself.

Using the LDC workbook alongside Siobhan's guidance was extremely helpful to note my progress and to see what I needed to work on in future lessons so that I was prepared for my test. I would highly recommend Siobhan to anyone learning to drive and I cannot thank her enough.

Siobhan Towell Driving School

Hi I'm Siobhan Towell

I'm a driving instructor in Waterlooville, Havant, Horndean, Portsmouth and surrounding areas. 07765 013065