Coral Bull
Coral Bull I took weekly lessons with Siobhan's LDC driving school. My instructor was very friendly and professional, I always felt relaxed and comfortable in the car. She was very patient and I knew that I could learn at my own pace. I always really enjoyed my lessons which has made driving a really fun experience for me. I found that I was comfortable with all aspects of my driving test as Siobhan was always willing to adapt our lessons to what I felt I needed more practice in.

She gave me the LDC Driving Skills workbook which I found useful to track what I had and hadn't learnt. It helped me to cover what I needed to practice more, particularly the targets, so I was fully prepared for my test.

I passed my test on my first attempt with only 1 minor! I have really enjoyed driving, including during the learning process and driving by myself since passing. Siobhan is a very very good instructor who I'll recommend to other people I know are intending to learn to drive soon.

Siobhan Towell Driving School

Hi I'm Siobhan Towell

I'm a driving instructor in Waterlooville, Havant, Horndean, Portsmouth and surrounding areas. 07765 013065