Rebecca I passed my test – first time – after doing a semi-intensive course (over two weeks) with LDC. James was my instructor and despite my initial nerves, he put me at ease right away with his natural friendliness and sense of humour.

The first lesson was a pleasant surprise to me, probably due to the LDC workbook and DVD, there was none of the usual talking for half an hour by the roadside that I had come to expect from driving lessons with other schools. Though there were explanations of what we were going to cover, this was done quickly and James explained in more depth as I did them so I could understand how the theory of what he said applied to the practical side straight away.

I really like the LDC system because it gives you goals, clearly sets out the areas where you may be struggling/still need prompting (for me it was checking the left mirror a lot of the time) and gave you an over all view of how much more you needed to learn before you could be considered ready to take your test. James went through the workbook at the end of lessons and we marked off together where we thought I was at.

James was excellent at confidence building and had a lot of patience. He did not get annoyed if there was something you didn’t understand and always took the time to explain anything you had handled in the wrong way or that he felt you could do better. I frequently told him I was crap and he, just as frequently, told me I wasn’t – and eventually I believed him.

To pass your test, you need a level of confidence in your abilities that James provides, as well as the driving skills that he teaches to a high standard. This helps you feel happy about going out on your own afterwards. The good thing about James is that he will not put you forward for your test unless he is 95%+ sure that you will pass it, which means your mind is at ease regarding the test fee.

He will push you and he will expect you to make the effort during your lessons but as he gives you 110%, I was glad to do so.

The winning combination of James as my instructor and the LDC learning materials have made me a confident, safe driver and I would really recommend this system (and James) above any other. He is excellent and it was a pleasure to learn with him – the only downside is that once you pass, you don’t get to spend two hours a day enjoying his company!

Thank you James for making this such an enjoyable, informative and worthwhile journey. I will look back fondly on my learning experience and suggest you to anyone who is learning in the future.

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