Charlotte I'd recommend Mark to anyone as a driving instructor without hesitation - as I did for two friends and my own sister! When I started driving, I can't say I was very motivated, but Mark was the perfect teacher, since he never pushed me further than I could cope happily and I really trusted him to keep me safe. Mark really has been wonderful, and I enjoyed learning from him and wouldn't have chosen another driving instructor given the chance to do this all again.

LDC is really fantastic since they do their best to give you all the tools to pass both your theory and practical driving test. The DVDs really did save me from feeling like I didn't know what to do - especially at the beginning - and the disk for the theory test is perfect, since it's exactly what's on the real test and you can make sure you're fully prepared.

I'm thrilled to have passed my driving test, and plan to continue to be a good and safe driver. I also, once again, recommend Mark to anyone - he'll do everything he can to teach you to be a good driver and pass your test with flying colours.

Mark Hammond Driving School

Hi I'm Mark Hammond

I'm a driving instructor in Hastings, St Leonards and surrounding areas. 07411 696496