Hugh Fairclough
Hugh Fairclough I would highly recommend Mark to anyone thinking of taking lessons. He was a patient and encouraging teacher and was able to break down the many skills and techniques required in driving in way that was easily understandable. The constant guidance and repetition of the key facets of driving in my lessons meant that these came automatically at my test and were invaluable in helping me achieve a pass.

The additional learning materials included in the LDC workbook, DVD and CD Rom were also very helpful in preparing for lessons and both the theory and the practical tests.

Mark was also very accommodating about fitting my lessons around the demands of work and family life. I would encourage anyone thinking of taking lessons to give it a go and to use Mark as your instructor. I’m very glad that I did.

Mark Hammond Driving School

Hi I'm Mark Hammond

I'm a driving instructor in Hastings, St Leonards and surrounding areas. 07411 696496