Guy Sawtell
Guy Sawtell Thanks to Mark and the LDC training method, I have just passed my driving test.

It really is possible to teach an old dog new tricks - 32 years since I last had a lesson (or sat behind the wheel), and I have passed at the first attempt this time around with only 4 minor faults.

Mark was a very methodical, patient and calm teacher and I have enjoyed the whole process. I cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone who is either starting out, or, like me, had decided many years ago that driving was just something that other people did.

The LDC method of workbook, instructional DVDs and note keeping, meant that I approached each lesson prepared and ready - and that every moment I was with Mark in the car was used to the fullest. This whole experience has given me a entirely new set of skills and a great confidence boost.

Thanks for all your help.

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