Emily Wood
Emily Wood I found Lana by Googling “female driving instructors in Renfrew” and am so pleased I found her! Lana was patient with me, explained everything fully and took me from a very nervous driver to a confident driver that loves driving! She supplied me with the LDC Driving Skills workbook and recommended the LDC videos on YouTube which helped me a lot, especially with roundabouts and lane discipline as this was something I really struggled with. I would 100% recommend Lana to anyone as she takes time and effort to make sure you are ready for the test instead of rushing you into something you aren't capable of and the end result for me was a first-time pass! I couldn't be happier.

Lana Wilson Driving School

Hi I'm Lana Wilson

I'm a driving instructor in Renfrew, Paisley, Linwood, Erskine, Johnstone and surrounding areas.

https://www.passwithlana.co.ukCall 07853 100308