Meghan Baird
Meghan Baird A few of my friends recommended Lana to me, and after just one lesson I could see why! Without fail, she would turn up on time, enthusiastic and ready to go. With Lana's constant reassurance, friendly attitude and ability to spot and to focus on the areas which I needed to work on, I improved as a driver and managed to pass my test first time! I couldn't have done it without Lana and her belief in me! I found the LDC workbook and DVD especially helpful as it meant I could read up on what each lesson would involve, and we wouldn't need to waste precious driving time going over it! Thanks Lana!

Lana Wilson Driving School

Hi I'm Lana Wilson

I'm a driving instructor in Renfrew, Paisley, Linwood, Erskine, Johnstone and surrounding areas. 07853 100308