Chanel O'Hara
Chanel O'Hara Lana taught my boyfriend, a few of his friends and my brother and they have all passed without any problems, so there was no hesitation in picking her to be my instructor.  Lana is absolutely brilliant, I was petrified about the thought of driving at first but as soon as I sat in her car she made all my fears disappear.  She is so calm, patient and understanding. The LDC workbook she gives you is also a brilliant help which clearly outlines every lesson so you know what your are doing and there are no surprises.  I cannot rate her highly enough, she is a brilliant instructor who will eliminate all fears you have and get you through your test quickly and with a good pass! I passed first attempt.  As happy as I was to pass my test, a part of me was sad when realised I would have no more lessons with her!  Thanks for everything Lana, your brilliant :) 

Lana Wilson Driving School

Hi I'm Lana Wilson

I'm a driving instructor in Renfrew, Paisley, Linwood, Erskine, Johnstone and surrounding areas. 07853 100308