Werner May
Werner May I found the training very friendly and helpful. Steve’s style of teaching is very good as it always made me feel relaxed and at ease behind the wheel in any situation. The instructions I was given were very informative and clear. Whenever there was a situation that I was not sure about, I asked for advice and received very good advice. I found the LDC workbook and DVD very useful as both the workbook and DVD link up. This helped because I could easily find a specific subject that I wanted to study. I found the mock test very useful as it allowed me to see what I had to improve on. Having another instructor in the car helped as well because he was able to tell me how my driving was without knowing how I drove up until the mock test.

In conclusion, i found the training very useful, the style of teaching was very good and I always felt relaxed and comfortable behind the wheel. I am happy to recommend Steve.

Steve Leonard Driving School

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I'm a driving instructor in Sevenoaks, Kemsing, Otford, Tonbridge, Eynsford, Hildenborough, Riverhead, Dunton Green, Halstead, Brasted, Tunbridge Wells, Borough Green, Sundridge, Seal, Knockholt and surrounding areas.

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