If you want to pass your test as painlessly as possible the please read on.

After a couple of bad experiences with driving instructors I was feeling in despair of finding one who would get me through my test.

Luckily, I found Sheila. I was a very nervous pupil but Sheila wasn't put off by this at all. From my first lesson with her she was very calm and patient and gradually over the weeks my confidence grew.

If you make a mistake, don't worry. Sheila will tell you the correct way to do it, without judgement or censure. She won't raise her voice or make you feel a fool.

She has a very effective way of teaching manoeuvres. In fact, once you go through manoeuvres with Sheila, you'll wonder why you worried so much in the first place, and she'll find the method which works for you.

Gradually, you'll become a driver, and you'll look forward to your lessons. I can honestly say that was a novel experience for me because I had never before looked forward to lessons with other instructors.

I passed my driving test first time and can say without doubt it's testament to Sheila's teaching ability and I can't thank her enough.