Luke S
Luke S Adam is a great driving instructor who helps you to stay calm and full of confidence while you are learning to drive. The LD System is also a really great way to learn. I used the online theory practice hub provided by LDC and was able to pass my theory on my first attempt. The student-centred approach to lessons meant that I got to choose the topic for each lesson. I was always in control of my own learning and could work on the areas that I felt I needed to improve with expert advice from Adam. When I got close to my test, Adam was there to guide me in preparation so that on the day I went to the test full of confidence and I knew exactly what the test was going to be like. Adam helped me to book the test so that it fell at the exact time that I was ready for it. I can't say enough how happy I am to have chosen Adam and LDC to help me get my driving licence on my first attempt.

Adam Kearns Driving School

Hi I'm Adam Kearns

I'm a driving instructor in Tamworth, Fazeley, Polesworth, Warton, Lichfield, Fradley, Shenstone and surrounding areas. 07745199691