Jack Moore
Jack Moore The LDC resources provided have helped me with both my theory and practical tests. I've been able to expand my knowledge much further than needed to just pass the test. Adam is easily the best instructor in the area – always punctual and always puts 100% into my learning and safety. There has never been a time where Adam hasn't had the answer to a question of mine and he puts things into context brilliantly for me. I have always felt confident and supported whenever I've been behind the wheel and this helped me to pass on the first attempt with just one minor driving fault. The car Adam uses is perfect for learning in, comfortable, practical and very modern and he always keeps it very clean and tidy.

Adam Kearns Driving School

Hi I'm Adam Kearns

I'm a driving instructor in Tamworth, Fazeley, Polesworth, Warton, Lichfield, Fradley, Shenstone and surrounding areas.

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