Hannah Gary is a brilliant instructor. I did an LDC semi-intensive course over 3 weeks, which I knew would be hard work but Gary paced it well and was incredibly patient when the pressure (that I was putting on myself) got too much for me. As a trained teacher I was very impressed with the way he adapted to my learning style and made adjustments in the way he explained things so that I would understand. In fact that was why I chose LDC, as their way of teaching with the workbook and DVDs as well as the lessons is the best way for most people to learn. I found that watching the videos and reading the relevant chapters in advance really made the most use of my time in the car but the best bit for me was the section where I planned what I wanted to do in the next lesson. I felt like I was in charge of my own learning and if I felt I needed a bit more practice in one area then I could put it down and discuss it with Gary at the start of the next lesson. He was really flexible and always incorporated any areas that I wanted to work on into the lesson, without making me feel awkward about wanting to focus on them.

Gary is very easy to talk to and answered any questions I had clearly. He was happy for me to experiment with different driving environments so one day we would have the radio on (quietly, of course) and he was happy for me to drive with the window open, even when the rain was coming in and soaking his car. I got quite nervous as the test got closer and he took the time to take me to the test centre so I could wander around and get a feel for the place before the test itself, which really helped.

Why did I choose Gary? When I started this journey I knew I wanted to use LDC but there were a number of LDC instructors covering Winchester. Having looked at them all I chose Gary because he had taken the time to personalise his 'About Me' section on his website. It sounds like a small thing to make a decision on but to me that showed that he really cares and is passionate about working with individuals, rather than just doing a job. I definitely made the right decision and would recommend Gary to anyone wanting to learn to drive in a calm and positive atmosphere.

Gary Rowe Driving School

Hi I'm Gary Rowe

I'm a driving instructor in Southampton, Winchester, Eastleigh, Hedge End, Chandler's Ford and surrounding areas.

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