Grace Chaplin
Grace Chaplin I'd had over 10 hours with a previous instructor before I took the 2-week intensive course with Gary. From the outset, he was friendly, engaging and, most importantly, an outstanding teacher. He efficiently corrected bad habits I had carried over from previous instruction and I immediately felt more in control of my driving, even enjoying it where it had previously been a less than enjoyable experience!

Gary's teaching style is both relaxed and exacting in the best of ways – always aiming for excellent driving. This allowed me to really recognise when I was driving well. It was test-focused from the start, but Gary made this relaxed too, taking my own stress about the test and turning it eventually into calm preparedness and even excitement. My instruction made the test as pleasant as it could be! I would recommend Gary as a friendly and engaging teacher to anyone at any level of driving. I also enjoyed using the LDC resources to supplement my lessons, especially the 'Test' section of the LDC workbook. Thank you!

Gary Rowe Driving School

Hi I'm Gary Rowe

I'm a driving instructor in Southampton, Winchester, Eastleigh, Hedge End, Chandler's Ford and surrounding areas. 07837020710