Jordan Brookes
Jordan Brookes Ella was everything I was looking for in an instructor. It took me a long time searching for the right person to teach me and I'm glad I spent the time looking. The aspect of LDC that caught my attention was their workbook and video clips. If you are like me and like to learn why you need to do certain things then I would highly recommend this driving school. Being able to watch the videos and have the pictures in the workbook helps you to visualise how to do something. I've always been a more academic person than practical, and this experience has been the best for me.

Ella was more than supportive of me. During my time learning, I had my ups and downs and Ella consistently did everything she could to calm me down and give me confidence. Driving is a scary thing to do and you should feel comfortable, right? If you feel a little nervous and you are afraid of an instructor getting annoyed with you, I can assure you this won't happen with Ella. The key thing about Ella's LDC driving school is that she doesn't just teach you to pass your test. If you do any research into instructors, you will find countless comments saying that “my instructor just taught me to pass my test” or “I learnt that by myself after I passed.” Ella will teach you to be a safe driver, and that is what everyone wants. Lastly, I want to thank Ella for everything she has done for me and I truly am going to be forever grateful for her help in gaining my freedom on the road.

Ella Burnett Driving School

Hi I'm Ella Burnett

I'm a driving instructor in Exeter, Starcross, Dawlish, Teignmouth and surrounding areas. 07703 464990