Oliver Ford
Oliver Ford My experience of learning to drive with Fiona was top notch. I really enjoyed my driving lessons and I felt safe and comfortable in the car with Fiona at all times. Fiona was very patient with me whilst she was teaching me new skills. The LDC workbook that I bought from Fiona was a great purchase which helped me track my progress. It helped me get to grips with new manoeuvres, gear changes and movement etc. The online theory materials helped me to pass my theory test with good marks. Fiona's car was always clean and in working order, I found it a good car to drive and learn in. Fiona is a very friendly person who was always happy to chat with me during my lessons. This made my lessons stress-free and not as dull as they could be with other instructors. Overall, I had a great experience learning with Fiona and I would recommend her highly to anyone.

Fiona Jeffery Driving School

Hi I'm Fiona Jeffery

I'm a driving instructor in Selby, Goole, Snaith, Carlton, Camblesforth, Drax, Whitley Bridge, Chapel Haddlesey, West Haddlesey, Barlow, Burn, Brayton, Hambleton and surrounding areas.

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