Charlotte Armitage
Charlotte Armitage Fiona was very helpful and clear with all tuition lessons, even if it was not always my best effort. I used the LDC workbook from the start which meant I was prepared for each lesson and knew what I wanted to work on. The whole process, from starting lessons to my test date, was very smooth and prepared with extra help just before my test. Fiona was very friendly which helped as it eased my nerves throughout. 'Rosie the Red Renault' will forever be my favourite little Clio! Fiona was so supportive by notifying me throughout lockdown of new test availability. Overall, Fiona has been very supportive and honest with my driving experience with her.

Fiona Jeffery Driving School

Hi I'm Fiona Jeffery

I'm a driving instructor in Selby, Goole, Snaith, Carlton, Camblesforth, Drax, Whitley Bridge, Chapel Haddlesey, West Haddlesey, Barlow, Burn, Brayton, Hambleton and surrounding areas. 0777 361 3612