Polly Tuck
Polly Tuck Having stopped learning to drive for a year after a couple of confidence-crushing lessons with another instructor, and feeling much less than positive about driving in general, I found out that I needed to get my licence over a three-month period for work. Dawn was the perfect woman for the job. Her approach was calm and reassuring. We took it at the pace I needed, and the framework of the LD System enabled me to prepare in advance of each lesson using the workbook and DVD, developing my understanding of best practice and the Highway Code. This preparation made me feel a lot more confident when I sat in the driving seat for the next lesson!

Dawn was supportive and honest with feedback and always encouraged me to evaluate my own progress. I feel that this reflective style of learning has made me a safe and considerate road user. I got my licence within the time frame I needed for work and I now feel confident on the road and had some great chats along the way! Thank you so much Dawn, I will definitely be recommending you to friends and family in the future!

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