Jack I would recommend Rachel for learning to drive. Her feedback was good and always constructive, not critical. She always gave good advice both during the lesson and afterwards. She was very kind and also let me spend as much time as I needed on what I wanted to achieve. Rather than telling me if I forgot something, she would give me a prompt so I could work it out myself. Using the LD System workbook and online hub meant I was able to visualise what I had to do before each lesson, especially for the manoeuvres. The workbook was also very useful for the “show me tell me” safety questions.

Rachel Yarwood-Murray Driving School

Hi I'm Rachel Yarwood-Murray

I'm a driving instructor in Barnsley, Pontefract, Hemsworth and surrounding areas.

https://www.learnwithrachel.co.ukCall 01226 758588 or 07702 129181