Joe Lovell
Joe Lovell My driving experience has been absolutely amazing with LDC! This was all due to my driving instructor, Martin Coleman, who was so lovely and supportive and whenever I made a mistake he would always make me feel better. I had 36 hours in total and passed first time – well under the national average of around 50 hours! I would highly recommend Martin's LDC driving school. He would always arrive on time and would give me plenty of notice if he couldn't attend. To be honest, it didn't feel like a lesson, it just felt like I was driving with a friend because I felt that comfortable. Martin really made me feel at ease, not only about lessons but also on my test day. LDC has a lot of good help online for theory tests which really helped me. The LDC workbook is also useful because you can just get ahead of the game and read about what you're going to be doing next lesson. It was an absolute pleasure learning with Martin and I've learnt how to be a safe driver. Thank you!

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