Jack Vernon
Jack Vernon I think that the LD System of learning and preparing for the test is very helpful and gives you a clear indication of where you are at in your learning journey, for example through the use of the master progress chart and the reflection upon and planning of lessons. I like the use of pre-lesson plans and the scale system. I think that 2-hour driving lessons also helped a lot compared to 1 hour. The LD System is a lot more structured than previous driving instructors I have had and this is shown in the fact that I failed twice with my old instructor but passed first time with Jackie.

Jackie Parton Driving School

Hi I'm Jackie Parton

I'm a driving instructor in Leek, Cheddleton, Cheadle, Tean, Caverswall, Blythe Bridge, Werrington, Longton and surrounding areas.

https://www.passwithjackie.co.ukCall 07925 257393