Louis I've enjoyed learning to drive with Richard, he was very calm but equally focused on ensuring I was making progress while learning. The LD System was very effective for me, it gave me something to aim for every week where we would plan what I should aim to learn in the lesson. We would then have time at the end of the lesson to evaluate how I'd done and where I could improve. It worked a treat, and it meant I learned how to drive quicker than I expected. When I made mistakes, Richard would dedicate time to it until I was comfortable with my ability. Overall, his positive, patient and flexible approach to learning is the main reason I passed my test, and I would recommend Richard without a second thought.

Richard Pollard Driving School

Hi I'm Richard Pollard

I'm a driving instructor in Oxford, Wallingford, Didcot, Benson, Berinsfield, Nunham Courtenay, Sandford on Thames, Littlemore, Abingdon, Cholsey, Moulesford, Dorchester, Nettlebed, Blewbury and surrounding areas.

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