Gareth Morris
Gareth Morris Being 40 years old, it was vital that I found the right driving school to pass with. Having looked at all the driving schools in Oxfordshire I came across Hannah's LDC driving school and liked the idea of the course material and the method that was used.

The way you work through the LDC workbook and watch clips of what is planned for the next lesson really helps to focus on putting it into practice in the car. The pupil decides the lesson plan so it is all done at your own pace. This means that you learn the manoeuvres correctly and don't just rush through them. The workbook and DVDs come in useful to study before the lesson. It was always a relaxed and calm lesson environment which made it easy to learn and take more in, so progress was always made.

I would highly recommend Hannah and the LDC Driving School for anyone looking to learn to drive.

Hannah Nelson Driving School

Hi I'm Hannah Nelson

I'm a driving instructor in Oxford, Abingdon, Didcot and surrounding areas. 07891 981 691