Olivia Hannah was a brilliant instructor, incredibly patient and understanding with my lack of confidence which she quickly helped to fix. The LDC workbook was also incredibly useful, enabling me to revise sections and specific elements of the course prior to the practical lesson. This resulted in every minute of the lesson being used effectively as we both knew what objectives I needed to work on. Hannah's successful method of reviewing the lesson and setting new goals for the next one was also a very helpful way to track my progress and identify strengths and weaknesses. I also appreciate how easily Hannah was able to work around my schedule, meaning I could have very regular lessons that suited me best. Hannah's ability to quickly adapt her teaching techniques to my, at first, nervous mindset on driving was also very effective. Lastly, her relaxed and humorous character made each lesson incredibly enjoyable as I powerfully developed my driving skills. A huge thank you!

Hannah Nelson Driving School

Hi I'm Hannah Nelson

I'm a driving instructor in Oxford, Abingdon, Didcot and surrounding areas.

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