Ellie Lloyd-Tunstall
Ellie Lloyd-Tunstall Priya eased me into a driving pace that I felt comfortable with and she helped me with things that I struggled with like starting and stopping the car. Overall, I was happy with Priya and the LD System and I passed my test.

The LDC Workbook was very useful in understanding the different aspects of driving and after every lesson I reflected on my performance which helped me identify what skills and manoeuvres I needed to improve on and practice. The driving test guide section in the workbook was very useful regarding what the examiner is looking for and reasons for driving faults, especially in the weeks leading up to my driving test.

Priya Parmar Driving School

Hi I'm Priya Parmar

I'm a driving instructor in Chandlers Ford, North Baddesley, Eastleigh, Otterbourne and surrounding areas.

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