Harriet Barlow
Harriet Barlow Ant picked up on some bad habits I had gained with a previous instructor and he was calm, clear and relaxing to drive with. He was always on time and flexible for me to learn around my working hours. The LD System gives you plenty of resources to pass your test, alongside your lessons. Ant gave me the freedom to plan my lessons as I needed and this allowed me to prepare, not only for my test but also for driving after my test. I not only gained safe driving skills but also confidence. Ant worked hand in hand with the LD System to not only help me with a great pass result but also prepare me for my future driving.

Ant Fuller Driving School

Hi I'm Ant Fuller

I'm a driving instructor in Peterborough, Stamford, Bourne and surrounding areas.

https://www.passwithant.co.ukCall 07548 828935