Daniel Wilby
Daniel Wilby Learning with Louie was a great experience. He was able to assess my ability very quickly and took me through the steps that I needed to improve my driving. The metric of success during my lessons was my confidence and ability to execute driving skills from the LDC workbook. This ensured that we progressed at a logical and appropriate pace, and I understood everything thoroughly. What I especially liked was not just Louie's ability to help me pass, but his commitment to training me to be a safe and competent driver. Louie went above and beyond to book me a cancellation ahead of schedule, and I passed first time! I'm very happy and confident to recommend Louie to a learner of any age and ability.

Louie Andreas Driving School

Hi I'm Louie Andreas

I'm a driving instructor in Inverness, North Kessock, Kilmuir, Culloden, Balloch, Ardersier, Dochgarroch, Abriachan, Bunchrew and surrounding areas.

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