Nisha I took the LDC 30-hour One Week Pass Course. It was the hardest thing I have done in a long time but, I can honestly say that, if it wasn't for Dave I don't think I would have passed. He made it fun but still got his point across really well. I wanted a female instructor to start with but I am glad I got Dave. His teaching methods are great and he is very relaxed and understanding, I can't thank him enough. The LD System also works brilliantly. Everything was perfect, thank you.

Dave Davies Driving School

Hi I'm Dave Davies

I'm a driving instructor in South Elmsall, South Kirkby, Upton, Hemsworth, Kinsley, Fitzwilliam, Ackworth, Brierley, Pontefract, Featherstone, Hooton Pagnell and surrounding areas. 07879 025761