Abi Burke
Abi Burke I really enjoyed the structured way of learning that I was provided with whilst learning to drive using the student-centred LD System. The workbook allowed me to evaluate my driving by observing the progress I was making and discovering what areas I needed to improve. This allowed me to enhance and improve my driving at a fast pace. The online videos were very useful in the beginning to provide me with a good understanding of what I was doing each lesson so I could use my time with instructor to the fullest. The theory test preparation, particularly the hazard perception practice was massively helpful in giving me an insight into how the theory test works and what to expect. Paul was kind, patient and constructive at all times. He was an extremely good coach and I would recommend him very highly.

Paul Blood Driving School

Hi I'm Paul Blood

I'm a driving instructor in Ripon, North Stainley, High Grantley, Masham, West Tanfield, Thornton Watlass, Thornton Steward, Bedale, Leeming Bar, RAF Leeming, Knaresborough, Boroughbridge, RAF Dishforth, Thirsk, Topcliffe and surrounding areas.

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