Emily Cooper
Emily Cooper Due to Paul's dedication and commitment on each lesson, I was able to pass my test on my first attempt after 28 hours of lessons over 3 months. Paul was always calm and explained everything clearly using the LDC workbook which helped to cement my understanding. He was very accommodating, being able to pick me up from various places for my lessons and made sure we worked on what I wanted to practice. The lessons were very relaxed and enjoyable. Thanks, Paul.

Paul Blood Driving School

Hi I'm Paul Blood

I'm a driving instructor in Ripon, North Stainley, High Grantley, Masham, West Tanfield, Thornton Watlass, Thornton Steward, Bedale, Leeming Bar, RAF Leeming, Knaresborough, Boroughbridge, RAF Dishforth, Thirsk, Topcliffe and surrounding areas.

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