Josh - Droitwich Spa

I recently utilised the LDC driving course under Glyn Williams as it appealed to me more than using a generic driving scheme. There is little time pressure with no rush to complete tasks and no set amount of time before tests, thats' purely down to you putting you under no added pressure. LDC's biggest strength and ultimately the reason why I chose LDC is it's structure, ensuring all road skills and manoeuvres are covered physically in a complementary order to a required level, as well as being understood mentally with the aid of the LDC driving skills manual. I found this a vital feature of the course as it prevented me from potentially being a hazard to others relieving me of a fair amount of stress.

When I had my first session, like many others, I was nervous as I had never driven on the road with others before. Nervous was an understatement, but nevertheless I was safe, the scheme ensure highly skilled and expererienced [instructors] like Glyn Williams are employed, teaching and helping you every step of the way prepared to intervene at any point deemed necessary. Soon as my confidence grew and with Glyn's patience and help I began to grasp the skills I required to become a safe driver. In a relatively short space of time I had covered the course material and had passed my theory so began honing my skills in preparation for the dreaded driving test! Which, being assured by Glyn, I would not have been entered into if he did not believe I could pass. Glyn arrived on that day to pick me up to ensure I had some last minute driving and to run through the 'show me tell me' questions to calm my nerves and focus me. Though the nerves soon returned as my examiner entered the car, the skills Glyn helped me to acquire stuck enabling me to pass first attempt! I stand by my choice with the LDC course and Glyn as the logical choice, they enabled me to succeed and Glyn continued to teach and support me throughout which I know is not always the easiest of tasks."

Josh - Droitwich Spa

Hi I'm Glyn Williams Dip.di

I'm a driving instructor in Worcester, Droitwich, Ombersley, Wychbold and surrounding areas.

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